Tracy & Stuart’s Wedding @ Steenberg Estate

As expected what an absolute blast of a wedding. Non stop laughter and fun just has to make for a great day. Tracy and Stuart were married at the Methodist Church in Fishhoek, and we then proceeded to Steenberg estate with a quick stop on Oukaaps for some pics. The weather which had been rainy in the morning played along perfectly for us with some lovely light and cloud cover.

As usual Steenberg delivered a fantastic reception , with awesome food and service, certainly a venue I always recommend highly. After a great photo session we proceeded into the venue where proceedings and a lot of dancing and fun were had.

Entertainment was provided by the brilliant team from Dreamwedding DJ’s

here are a few images from the day

IMG_5671 IMG_5678 IMG_5686 IMG_5695 IMG_5705 IMG_5785 IMG_5892 IMG_5760 IMG_5766 IMG_5788 IMG_5753 IMG_5725 white sweet 16 dresses IMG_5816 IMG_5824 IMG_5839 IMG_5861 IMG_5878 IMG_5890 IMG_5903web IMG_5905 IMG_5915web IMG_5922 IMG_5977 IMG_5990 IMG_5995 IMG_6003 IMG_6016 IMG_6019

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IMG_6456 IMG_6448 IMG_6485IMG_6624IMG_6626IMG_6631IMG_6636IMG_6641IMG_6645IMG_6650IMG_6661IMG_6671IMG_6672IMG_6676IMG_6683IMG_6576IMG_6586IMG_6587IMG_6595IMG_6601IMG_6609IMG_6622IMG_6696IMG_6790IMG_6794IMG_6809IMG_6834IMG_6842IMG_6843IMG_6847IMG_6857IMG_6860IMG_6883IMG_6893IMG_6904IMG_6910IMG_6911IMG_6955IMG_6972IMG_6975IMG_6981IMG_6998IMG_7044IMG_7063IMG_7075IMG_7107IMG_7166IMG_7170IMG_7165IMG_7126IMG_7175IMG_7115IMG_7139IMG_7182IMG_7185IMG_7194IMG_7195IMG_7196IMG_7199IMG_7211IMG_7212IMG_7221IMG_7235IMG_7242IMG_7357IMG_7359IMG_7360IMG_7386IMG_7399IMG_7409IMG_7431IMG_7440IMG_7484IMG_7504IMG_7535IMG_7546IMG_7550IMG_7558IMG_7576IMG_7599IMG_7606IMG_7804IMG_7805IMG_7820IMG_7822IMG_7832IMG_7835IMG_7652IMG_7668IMG_7778IMG_7872IMG_7918IMG_7941IMG_7930IMG_7943IMG_7857IMG_7748IMG_8061IMG_8022IMG_7743IMG_7765

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Pre Wedding - Couples Photoshoots with Stuart and Tracy
Janice & Hakan @ 12 Apostles - Wedding Photographers Cape Town

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  1. The photo’s taken at Stuart and Tracy’s wedding are absolutely stunning. Thanks form a very proud MOM.

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