Time to Blog :)

Well as a Cape Town Photographer Ive been pretty quiet on the blog for over a month now as since January Ive been editing weddings, couples shoots family shoots, corporate portraits and in Feb I took on a rather large product photography  shoot for Earthchild and Earthaddict Clothing which involved 2 days of  studio shooting and some 70 hours of post production , doing deep etch work and placing the photographs onto website templates. The product is their autumn range of which Earthchild is now available and Earthaddict will launch in around 2 weeks.  That kept me busy for 2 weeks besides trying to catch up on the other photography and shooting new work  in between.

If you are looking for quality clothing for your kids have a look at their range.

All in all its been a great start to 2015 with some great new clients.

I will update the blog soon with a bunch of different shoots 🙂

keep well all

Some tranquillity below for the day





Natasha & Mikes Wedding @ Zonnevanger - cape town photographer
The National Research Foundation (NRF) conference event & gala dinner - cape town photographer

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