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Raymond & Bernice’s Wedding @ Blue Horizon

Raymond & Bernice were married at the ever picturesque Blue Horizon in Simonstown on Red Hill. We spent a few hours with them to capture their memories including the bridal party pics at one of my favourite spots at the old ruins. 

Wishing this awesome couple a blessed future together. 

Below are a few images from the afternoon. 

Thanks to Catherine for the assist. 

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Rose & Alex @ 12 Apostles

Such a pleasure having been part of this day, having known Roses sister and husband for some time who are such a lovely family,  I was really looking forward to photographing Rose and Alex’s special day. Rose and Alex came in from the UK  and family and friends came in from various countries , with their roots from Zimbabwe and Nigeria. This was a colourful, vibrant and happy affair and blessed by beautiful weather at the stunning 12 Apostles hotel and spar where the wedding team are always fabulous. Rose , Alex and all at the wedding were such a pleasure to work with.

To Rose and Alex wishing you both a blessed life together 

Photography – JBphotography assisted by Alex Bartie

video – Marc Wiley from MWProductions

Flowers – Lorraine Hirst from LOL’s Flowers& Decor

Venue – 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa





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Cape Town Photographer, Cape Town Wedding Photographers

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Cape Town Wedding Photographer – Nicole & Daille – Welgelee

Nicole & Daille were married at Welgelee with the ceremony and reception all being held there. I dont recall a moment that Nicole was not beaming from ear to ear, and it always makes for an amazing day having such awesome couples to work with. I love the emotions of wedding photography , always striving for those beautiful moments and connections between couples and they made it really easy to capture some lovely imagery. Another beautiful day with 2 families connecting into one and a big thank you to all for allowing us to fit in so seamlessly into the day.

Wishing Nicole & Daille a truly blessed future together


below are a small selection of their wedding photographs


Thanks again to Alex my trusty son 2nd tog and assistant your presence is always enjoyed





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Cape Town Wedding Photographer – Jacques Bartie –

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Bronwyn & Shane’s Wedding @ Steenberg Estate

Bronwyn and Shane’s wedding was held at Steenberg Estate.

Being a wedding photographer we often have the privilege of photographing more than one wedding in families. Having photographed Bronwyn’s brothers wedding earlier in the year I was really excited about photographing this wedding. Such an awesome young couple and family and its always such a pleasure to meet up with familiar faces again.

Bronwyn and Shane really make a stunning couple.

After leaving the church in Claremont we met down at the reception venue at Steenberg Golf Estate, where we photographed the bridal party and bride and groom , followed by family photo’s.

Table photo’s were a bit different this time out on the lawn with a photobooth theme of props which made for fun pics.

Here are a few from the day.

_MG_5561 - Copy_MG_5574 - Copy_MG_5581 - Copy_MG_5584 - Copy_MG_5588 - Copy_MG_5617 - Copy_MG_5652 - Copy_MG_5666 - Copy

_MG_5816 - Copy _MG_5838 - Copy _MG_5855 - Copy _MG_5857 - Copy _MG_5858 - Copy _MG_5867 - Copy _MG_5872 - Copy _MG_5877 - Copy _MG_5904 - Copy _MG_5922 - Copy _MG_5939 - Copy _MG_5961 - Copy _MG_5967 - Copy _MG_5978 - Copy _MG_6003 - Copy _MG_6011 - Copy _MG_6019 - Copy _MG_6024 - Copy _MG_6034 - Copy _MG_6042 - Copy _MG_6062 - Copy _MG_6063 - Copy _MG_6071 - Copy _MG_6078 - Copy _MG_6084 - Copy _MG_6099 - Copy _MG_6101 - Copy _MG_6116 - Copy _MG_6121 - Copy _MG_6154 - Copy _MG_6160 - Copy _MG_6168 - Copy _MG_6177 - Copy _MG_6185 - Copy _MG_6193 - Copy _MG_6250 - Copy _MG_6257 - Copy _MG_6268 - Copy _MG_6273 - Copy _MG_6289 - Copy _MG_6293 - Copy _MG_6297 - Copy _MG_6298 - Copy _MG_6303 - Copy _MG_6314 - Copy _MG_6336 - Copy _MG_6339 - Copy _MG_6349 - Copy _MG_6354 - Copy _MG_6357 - Copy _MG_6382 - Copy _MG_6398 - Copy _MG_6417 - Copy _MG_6422 - Copy _MG_6427 - Copy _MG_6435 - Copy _MG_6440 - Copy _MG_6451 - Copy _MG_6453 - Copy _MG_6454 - Copy _MG_6460 - Copy _MG_6515 _MG_6525 _MG_6529 _MG_6541 _MG_6547 _MG_6564 _MG_6572 _MG_6577 _MG_6591 _MG_6601 _MG_6609 _MG_6616 _MG_6618 _MG_6620 _MG_6630 _MG_6696 _MG_6770 _MG_6779 _MG_6785 _MG_6804-Edit _MG_6806 _MG_6808 _MG_6862 _MG_6873-Edit _MG_6892 _MG_6959 _MG_6995 _MG_6996 _MG_6998 _MG_7024 _MG_7033 _MG_7051 _MG_7053 _MG_7063 _MG_7089 _MG_7099 _MG_7129 _MG_7156 _MG_7167 _MG_7176 _MG_7234 _MG_7277 _MG_7307 _MG_7310 _MG_7342 _MG_4180 - Copy _MG_4211 - Copy _MG_4237 - Copy _MG_4277 - Copy _MG_4316 - Copy _MG_4329 - Copy _MG_4342 - Copy _MG_4352 - Copy

_MG_5645 - Copy   _MG_5693 - Copy _MG_5702 - Copy _MG_5714 - Copy _MG_5728 - Copy _MG_5757 - Copy _MG_5763 - Copy _MG_5765 - Copy _MG_5803 - Copy _MG_5804ed2 - Copy

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The Wedding of Loyde & Wilhelm (@ The Oaks Greyton)

This was the first time Ive been to The Oaks in Greyton, and what a stunning venue. The farm dating back to the late 1700’s took 4 years to renovate and has been beautifully restored. There is accomodation available as well for those who wish to stay over. Certainly one of the most picturesque venues Ive attended and it was an awesome venue for photographs.

We arrived early morning to meetup with Loyde and then off to Greyton town to the NG Kerk where Wilhelm’s father held the ceremony.  After the ceremony the guests were treated to pancakes at the local market across the street, a completely novel idea . Back to the farm where the reception was held in a beautifully rustic setting.

One thing I do enjoy about day weddings is that theres no rush for photographs, and we went out late afternoon for a relaxed walk around the farm area, luckily the rain was intermittant .

To Loyde and Wilhelm , all the best for your future together we enjoyed every minute of the day with you 🙂

Here is a sneak peak from the day.