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Liz and Pieters Wedding @ Thali Thali

what an awesome day out up the west coast for to cover Liz and Pieters wedding but wow did the wind blow, never have I photographed in wind like that, even the animals went into hiding and we didnt see any game. The outdoors ceremony moved indoors but it made for an intimate ceremony. Just before sunset we ventured into the wind for the couples session and then the party ensued. Liz and Pieter are such wonderfully down to earth people and it really was such a pleasure being with them along with all the family and friends.

Below is a small selection from the day. 

Congrats to Liz and Piet, wishing you all the best.


_MG_5512 _MG_5516 _MG_5518 _MG_5519 _MG_5530 _MG_5536 _MG_5541 _MG_5542 _MG_5543 _MG_5547 _MG_5549 _MG_5551 _MG_5553 _MG_5560 _MG_5561 _MG_5588 _MG_5605 _MG_5608 _MG_5635 _MG_5642 _MG_5644 _MG_5657 _MG_5661 _MG_5669 _MG_5682 _MG_5687 _MG_5694 _MG_5710 _MG_5712 _MG_5745 _MG_5793 _MG_5795 _MG_5806 _MG_5839 _MG_5850 _MG_5853 _MG_5867 _MG_5913 _MG_5928 _MG_5930 _MG_6024 _MG_6033 _MG_6041 _MG_6044 _MG_6104 _MG_6112 _MG_6123 _MG_6128 _MG_6134 _MG_6141 _MG_6149 _MG_6162 _MG_6182 _MG_6185 _MG_6199 _MG_6246 _MG_6258 _MG_6293 _MG_6390 _MG_6418 _MG_6531 _MG_6543 _MG_6554 _MG_6560 _MG_6575 _MG_6593 _MG_6603 _MG_6611 _MG_6639 _MG_6651 _MG_6670 _MG_6694 _MG_6738 _MG_6751 _MG_6796 _MG_6839 _MG_6901 _MG_6913 _MG_6927 _MG_6935 _MG_6979 _MG_7020 _MG_7032 _MG_7037 _MG_7048 _MG_7059 _MG_7060 _MG_7065 _MG_7074 _MG_7093 _MG_7105 _MG_7125 _MG_7143 _MG_7219 _MG_7230 _MG_7326 _MG_7352 _MG_7371 _MG_7378 _MG_7383 _MG_7414 _MG_7450 _MG_7541 _MG_7574 _MG_7577 _MG_7596 _MG_7608 _MG_7635 _MG_7647 _MG_7660 _MG_7669 _MG_7671 _MG_7683 _MG_7703 _MG_7714 _MG_7715 _MG_7717 _MG_7756 _MG_7758 _MG_7763 _MG_7769 _MG_7775 _MG_7795 _MG_7800 Cape Town Wedding Photographers

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Tracy & Stuart’s Wedding @ Steenberg Estate

As expected what an absolute blast of a wedding. Non stop laughter and fun just has to make for a great day. Tracy and Stuart were married at the Methodist Church in Fishhoek, and we then proceeded to Steenberg estate with a quick stop on Oukaaps for some pics. The weather which had been rainy in the morning played along perfectly for us with some lovely light and cloud cover.

As usual Steenberg delivered a fantastic reception , with awesome food and service, certainly a venue I always recommend highly. After a great photo session we proceeded into the venue where proceedings and a lot of dancing and fun were had.

Entertainment was provided by the brilliant team from Dreamwedding DJ’s

here are a few images from the day

IMG_5671 IMG_5678 IMG_5686 IMG_5695 IMG_5705 IMG_5785 IMG_5892 IMG_5760 IMG_5766 IMG_5788 IMG_5753 IMG_5725 white sweet 16 dresses IMG_5816 IMG_5824 IMG_5839 IMG_5861 IMG_5878 IMG_5890 IMG_5903web IMG_5905 IMG_5915web IMG_5922 IMG_5977 IMG_5990 IMG_5995 IMG_6003 IMG_6016 IMG_6019

IMG_6031 IMG_6027 IMG_6101 IMG_6104 IMG_6042 IMG_6063 IMG_6058 IMG_6052 IMG_6071 IMG_6170 IMG_6152 IMG_6150 IMG_6138 IMG_6135 IMG_6176 IMG_6172 IMG_6193IMG_6203 IMG_6208 IMG_6360 IMG_6361 IMG_6362 IMG_6375 IMG_6226 IMG_6389IMG_6246 IMG_6284 IMG_6315 IMG_6335 IMG_6352

IMG_6456 IMG_6448 IMG_6485IMG_6624IMG_6626IMG_6631IMG_6636IMG_6641IMG_6645IMG_6650IMG_6661IMG_6671IMG_6672IMG_6676IMG_6683IMG_6576IMG_6586IMG_6587IMG_6595IMG_6601IMG_6609IMG_6622IMG_6696IMG_6790IMG_6794IMG_6809IMG_6834IMG_6842IMG_6843IMG_6847IMG_6857IMG_6860IMG_6883IMG_6893IMG_6904IMG_6910IMG_6911IMG_6955IMG_6972IMG_6975IMG_6981IMG_6998IMG_7044IMG_7063IMG_7075IMG_7107IMG_7166IMG_7170IMG_7165IMG_7126IMG_7175IMG_7115IMG_7139IMG_7182IMG_7185IMG_7194IMG_7195IMG_7196IMG_7199IMG_7211IMG_7212IMG_7221IMG_7235IMG_7242IMG_7357IMG_7359IMG_7360IMG_7386IMG_7399IMG_7409IMG_7431IMG_7440IMG_7484IMG_7504IMG_7535IMG_7546IMG_7550IMG_7558IMG_7576IMG_7599IMG_7606IMG_7804IMG_7805IMG_7820IMG_7822IMG_7832IMG_7835IMG_7652IMG_7668IMG_7778IMG_7872IMG_7918IMG_7941IMG_7930IMG_7943IMG_7857IMG_7748IMG_8061IMG_8022IMG_7743IMG_7765

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Cape Town CTICC-Conference Photographer-WYSTC 2015

For the first time the annual WYSE Travel Confederations conference and trade show was held in our very own Cape Town. Attended by around 350 delegates from all around the world and South Africa, all leaders in the youth travel industry worldwide, from hotels to surfing tours. One very interesting week with a great crowd of people. The week consisted of Opening keynote addresses with our minister of tourism, to seminars, workshops, meetups, cocktail evenings and the Friday night end off with a gala dinner and awards ceremony.  All in all a full and successful week.

below are a few from the four days of photography coverage I did.


IMG_0848 IMG_0856 IMG_0863 IMG_0865 IMG_0871 IMG_0874 IMG_0875 IMG_0876 IMG_0884 IMG_0891 IMG_0907 IMG_0908 IMG_0915 IMG_0975 IMG_0976 IMG_0982 IMG_0997 IMG_1029 IMG_1034 IMG_1038 IMG_1074 IMG_1085 IMG_1183 IMG_1195 IMG_1196 IMG_1197 IMG_1254 IMG_1258 IMG_1266 IMG_1270 IMG_1286 IMG_1293 IMG_1361 IMG_1365 IMG_1389 IMG_1399 IMG_1413 IMG_1440 IMG_1563 IMG_1566 IMG_1599 IMG_1610 IMG_1635 IMG_1638 IMG_1775 IMG_1781 IMG_1784 IMG_1794 IMG_1867 IMG_1868 IMG_2097 IMG_2139 IMG_2412 IMG_2416 IMG_2426 IMG_2441 IMG_2480 IMG_2481 IMG_2510 IMG_2514 IMG_2535 IMG_2860 IMG_2878 IMG_2899 IMG_2931 IMG_3050 IMG_3068 IMG_3091 IMG_3109 IMG_3123 IMG_3133 IMG_3194 IMG_3231 IMG_3241 IMG_3250 IMG_3265 IMG_3490 IMG_3511 IMG_3594 IMG_3657 IMG_3698 IMG_3719 IMG_3721 IMG_3726 IMG_3787 IMG_3804 IMG_3861 IMG_3862 IMG_3864 IMG_3895 IMG_3901 IMG_3903 IMG_3939 IMG_3962 IMG_3964 IMG_3972 IMG_3984 IMG_3994 IMG_4005 IMG_4037

Cape Town event and conference photographer. Focusing on large and small events throughout the Western Cape and South Africa.