Rose & Alex @ 12 Apostles

Such a pleasure having been part of this day, having known Roses sister and husband for some time who are such a lovely family,  I was really looking forward to photographing Rose and Alex’s special day. Rose and Alex came in from the UK  and family and friends came in from various countries , with their roots from Zimbabwe and Nigeria. This was a colourful, vibrant and happy affair and blessed by beautiful weather at the stunning 12 Apostles hotel and spar where the wedding team are always fabulous. Rose , Alex and all at the wedding were such a pleasure to work with.

To Rose and Alex wishing you both a blessed life together 

Photography – JBphotography assisted by Alex Bartie

video – Marc Wiley from MWProductions

Flowers – Lorraine Hirst from LOL’s Flowers& Decor

Venue – 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa





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  1. Wooooowwww!!!Taken right back to October 15th….Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple, and wonderful memories of that day forever in our hearts….God bless your marriage Rose and Alex.

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