Romantic Couples Photography – Gary & Celeste

A couples shoot can be for anyone, a couple in love, an engaged couple even a couple together for 30 years and wanting a romantic set of images for themselves. Whoever you are its always a great idea or even a gift for a friend to have a couples photo shoot.

I photographed Gary and Celeste in the Tokia forest during a howling South Easter , but luckily the forest is able to provide shelter from the wind and we got a lovely set of images with the two of them.

Here is a selection with them .


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  1. Good evening Mr Bartie,

    This is so beautiful!!

    I also would like if you can have a couple photo shoot with me and my hubby 🙂
    These photo’s are exactly what I’m looking for. You can really see their love for each other, it’s so deep and passionate but yet fun and exciting. Just love it!

    What packages do you offer?

    Do you also make canvases as well?

    Kind regards,
    Rhonda Zyster

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