Portrait Photography with Ariena

Ariena a friends niece was in South Africa on a work and study program and very kindly consented to having a portrait photography session. She hasn’t modelled before which for me is sometimes preferable, and I really just wanted to capture some lovely portraits. Its not often I get out and do shoots for myself personally so I really enjoyed the time out. These images are all a combination of natural light and onboard fill flash with a mini softbox , the flash for most of the images on ettl at around -2 ev.  I had all my off camera gear there as the plan was to play around with various exposure settings and um the batteries were flat due to receivers being left on after the last shoot and I had leant my spare batteries out to someone. Before every shoot I triple check gear and this time , yep well I didn’t . Preparation is something I preach and failed on 🙂 However natural light is king .

here are a few from the session. On location Simonstown.

Portrait model photography
Portrait model photography

_MG_1349bwweb _MG_1447web _MG_1457web _MG_1541-web _MG_1554web Ariena Collage web



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