Melody & Denver’s Helderberg Farm Wedding

A fabulous New Years Eve wedding

Every now and again you get to meet wonderfully special people. On first meeting Melody and Denver I just knew we would have a special day together. Melody exudes such passion in her outlook and planning and Denver is really such a relaxed and genuine person and easy to get along with, they make a perfect couple together.

We were blessed with perfect weather on the day,  starting with Melody getting ready at a beautiful guest house on the slopes of Gordons bay overlooking False Bay.

The wedding and reception  was held at the picturesque Helderberg farm in Somerset West under the trees attended by close family and friends, a really awesome setting to spend with friends and family.

To Melody and Denver I wish you a fairy-tale life together  filled with laughter and happiness 🙂


here are a few images from their day

M&D-2 M&D-3 M&D-4 M&D-5 M&D-6 M&D-7 M&D-8 M&D-9 M&D-10 M&D-11 M&D-12 M&D-13 M&D-14 M&D-15 M&D-16 M&D-17 M&D-18 M&D-19 M&D-20 M&D-21 M&D-22 M&D-23 M&D-24 M&D-25 M&D-26 M&D-27 M&D-28 M&D-29 M&D-30 M&D-31 M&D-32M&D-38

M&D-33 M&D-34 M&D-35 M&D-36 M&D-37
M&D-39 M&D-40 M&D-41 M&D-42 M&D-43 M&D-44 M&D-45 M&D-46 M&D-47 M&D-48 M&D-49 M&D-50 M&D-51 M&D-52 M&D-53 M&D-54 M&D-55 M&D-56 M&D-57 M&D-58 M&D-59 M&D-60 M&D-61 M&D-62 M&D-63 M&D-64 M&D-65 M&D-66 M&D-67 M&D-68 M&D-69 M&D-70 M&D-71 M&D-72 M&D-73 M&D-74 M&D-75 M&D-76 M&D-77 M&D-78 M&D-79 M&D-80 M&D-81 M&D-82 M&D-83 M&D-84 M&D-85 M&D-86 M&D-87 M&D-88 M&D-89 M&D-90 M&D-91 M&D-92 M&D-93 M&D-94 M&D-95 M&D-96 M&D-97 M&D-98 M&D-99 M&D-100 M&D-101 M&D-102 M&D-103 M&D-104 M&D-105 M&D-106 M&D-107 M&D-108


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  1. I just love great feedback as it makes it all worthwhile ” Oh my word!!! All I can say is EPIC!!! Just had a chance to look through your photos….. They are absolutely BEEEAAAUUUUUTIFUUUULLLLLL!! It took our breathe away. Thank you so much Alex and Jacques for making the most significant day in our entire lives….. PERFECT!!! ??????”

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