Masterchef Guy Clark’s “1693” Pop Up Kitchen @ the beautiful Bellingham Estate

So you may ask yourselves what do we do this weekend, we’ve been all over nothing left to do. We’ve done all the normal stuff been to some wine pairings where there are 50 plus people, which was great, but picture Saturday or Sunday lunch in a venue that dates you back to 1693 with rolling lawns, a Dutch styled Manor house, and a cellar yes built in 1693 🙂  Take in all that Franschoek scenery whilst relaxing on the lawns or taking a walk through history. Sound good, well add to that a masterchef personally cooking for you along with his trusty assistant Samantha Nolan a well accomplished chef herself and also a Masterchef finalist on the South Africa Masterchef series.

Only 12 to 16 people are accommodated at these events, with a minimum of 12,  keeping it exclusive and intimate where new friendships and networks can be forged, or invite a group of friends to join. Meals are all in the old maturation cellar built in 1693, and you are enclosed in a wonderfully warm feeling of days gone by whilst also enjoying wine pairings of the Latest Bellingham wines the Homestead range .

Rather than me boring you have a look at the images below to see more of Bellingham.

Bellinghams Facebook page  or  Please contact them for info on the menu and dates on or call  on 0218741019 0726127127 for details and enquiries  also re Functions and Accommodation and stays.

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