Lesley & Matt’s wedding photographs @ Tintswalo Atlantic

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Being a Cape Town wedding photographer means we have access to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and Tintswalo Atlantic delivers scenery in buckets full.

Lesley and Matt’s wish for the wedding was to share the day with family and friends in a location that would be relaxing and beautifull . Besides the beauty of the venue nestled at the base of Chapmans Peak Drive it is also one on the best run venues Ive attended with fantastic staff .  With Lesly and Matt residing out of the country , Lesley from Cape Town and Matt from Washington DC it was imperative to have people in Cape Town assisting and hats off to Tintswalo and Lesley’s family in Cape Town who were key factors in the arrangements, the day went off beautifully. With Matts family flying in and a guest list from all over the country and Internationally, including some high profile guests they were certainly treated to Cape Town at its best .

We started the day with a small ceremony at St Georges Cathedral where close friends and family attended.

Thereafter back to Tintswalo for the day , where we had a second ceremony at 5pm for all the guests. True to Cape Town it would of course rain halfway through the ceremony and we all followed the Marumba band down to the main venue to conclude.

Lesley’s beautifully made dresses were by Anna Getaneh, African Mosaique, Addis Ababa


Alex my son and assistant had such a fantastic day with Matt and Lesley who are truly a wonderfull couple. I wish them a blessed marriage and life together .




Lesley & Matt @ Tintswalo Atlantic – Cape Town Wedding Photographer





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  1. LesleyLesley01-19-2015

    Jacques and Alex. You captured the essence of our celebrations beautifullu. Thanks for a professional job and for being with us during every moment.

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