ITU – Discovery World Triathlon Series Cape Town 2014


I was very privileged to be contracted to marathon-photos.com to be one of their team to photograph the Discovery World Triathlon in Cape Town. This consisted of photographing the public age groups events over two days.

Below are a few pictures from the Ladies Elite and Mens Elite racers . Well done to Javier Gomez and Jodie Stimpson for winning the mens and ladies racers. A real privilege to be able to have all these talented athletes in Cape Town.

All photographs are the property of Jacques Bartie Photography and protected by copyright. Any copying or use of photographs without permission will be considered breach of copyright. You are welcome to ask for usage.

_MG_0386 _MG_0418 _MG_0419 _MG_0446 _MG_0477 _MG_0485 IO2M0013 IO2M0015 IO2M0018 IO2M0031 IO2M0061 IO2M0076 IO2M0077 IO2M0081  IO2M2093 IO2M2095 IO2M2098 IO2M2106 IO2M2109 IO2M2111 IO2M2115 IO2M2122 IO2M2160 IO2M2178 IO2M2182  IO2M2188 IO2M2192 IO2M2198 IO2M2205 IO2M2206 IO2M2212 IO2M2216 IO2M2226 IO2M2235 IO2M2246 IO2M2249 IO2M2268 IO2M2286 IO2M2317 IO2M2380 IO2M2385 IO2M2388 IO2M2399 IO2M2405 IO2M2426 IO2M2456 IO2M2468 IO2M2476 IO2M2478 IO2M2481 IO2M2482 IO2M2491 IO2M2492 IO2M2505 IO2M2524 IO2M2534 IO2M2548 IO2M2601 IO2M2605 IO2M2621 IO2M2629 IO2M2636 IO2M2640 IO2M2663 IO2M2664 IO2M2712 IO2M2713 _MG_0374 _MG_0377



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