Howard & Juliette {Wedding @ Lagoon Beach Hotel}

I Love the setting at Lagoon Beach Hotel, beautiful views over the sea of Table Mountain and the beaches running up towards Table View, but wow can it blow here, and Howard & Juliette’s wedding was no exception, it blew hard 🙂 . This didn’t detract from the day at all however, which started by photographing the pre ceremony brides photo’s in one of the suites . The ceremony was held in the library area due to the wind factor.

Lagoon Beach has great interior spaces so we started the couple shoot indoors before venturing out to the beach . Later in the evening we ventured out for a second photo shoot at sunset.

Howard and Juliette are really a lovely down to earth couple and we really enjoyed our time with them and wish them all the best for their future together.


Thanks again to Alex for assisting

Here are a few wedding photographs from across the day.

J-6878 J-6889 J-6892 J-7569 J-6800 J-6804 J-6829 J-6840 J-6865 J-6852 J-6934 J-6968 J-6978 J-6983 J-7045 J-6986 J-7027 J-7063 J-6908 J-6902 J-6900 J-7136 J-7137 J-7147 J-7160 J-7184 J-7201 J-7207 J-7538 J-7217 J-7236 J-7239 J-7373 J-7460 J-7464 J-7486 J-7506 Al-7626 J-7546 J-7557 J-7563 J-7583 J-7600 J-7606 J-7624 J-1-7639 J-1d-003 J-1d-007 J-1d-009 J-1d-016 J-1d-020 J-1d-022 J-1d-024 J-7663 J-7668 J-7671 J-7682 J-7685 J-7695-2 J-7711 J-7769 J-7786 J-7805 J-7809 J-7834 J-7837 J-7842 J-7851 J-7854 J-7870 J-7907 J-7910 J-7914 J-8060 J-8062 J-8074


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