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Being a conference photographer makes you privy to a lot of work going on which we the public are never aware of , it makes you realise theres a lot of good work going on in organisations.  Here are  few images from the recent ATAF conference held at Crystal Towers, including an outing to the District six museum which was a very interesting spot to see.


_MG_3376 _MG_3387 _MG_3396 _MG_3405 _MG_3409 _MG_3413 _MG_3418 _MG_3419 _MG_3430 _MG_3457 _MG_3459 _MG_3540 _MG_3547 _MG_3562 _MG_3573 _MG_3581 _MG_3589 _MG_3617 _MG_3624 _MG_3639 _MG_3712 _MG_3753 _MG_3770 _MG_3801 _MG_3805 _MG_3808 _MG_3839 _MG_3840 _MG_3857 _MG_3868 _MG_3877 _MG_3894 _MG_3899 _MG_3900 _MG_3904 _MG_3915 _MG_3924 _MG_3932 _MG_3943 _MG_3956 _MG_3986 _MG_3988 _MG_3992 _MG_4005 _MG_4007 _MG_4021 _MG_4025 _MG_4027 _MG_4043 _MG_4065 _MG_4081 _MG_4105 _MG_3372



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