Conference photographer – Pfiser event Cape Town

I recently photographed the Pfiser etanercept “conference” held at the Crystal Towers hotel . As an event photographer these conferences can be very interesting. These professors, doctors, researches and scientists dedicate their lives to bettering peoples lives suffering from various illnesses, this conference dealing with rheumatoid arthritis a particularly nasty illness.

here are a few images from the day.

_MG_0403 Pfiser conference photographer _MG_0666 _MG_0650 _MG_0638 _MG_0631 _MG_0627 _MG_0621 _MG_0605 _MG_0600 _MG_0592 _MG_0589 _MG_0571 _MG_0565 _MG_0547 _MG_0541 _MG_0539 _MG_0538 _MG_0536 _MG_0533 _MG_0503 _MG_0490 _MG_0485 _MG_0481 _MG_0475 _MG_0458 _MG_0444 Conference Photography



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