My commercial portfolio includes over seven years experience in photographing briefs for publication houses. The bulk of this work being for our local education, specifically briefs for text books , readers and other education books. My experience has regularly allowed me to setup and shoot briefs outlined by numerous editors, often following my own artistic approach and following specific guidelines based on the writers interpretations thereof. I have been involved with briefs for magazine, publications, often photographing local well known personalities from artists, designers and radio personalities. and other subjects such as interiors, art, buildings and more. As for commercial to more corporate events, I cover matric dances, awards , gala dinners , and any function big or small. Having a good network of photographers and videographer’s is essential for this when more than one photographer is required and I have a very reliable professional network available to me when necessary. please use the contact page or email directly for more information or pricing.

For commercial product photography please view the product tab under portfolio.

Below are two covers of a 5 rainbow reader project I was part of

  Commercial 1 web Commercial 2 web
.Another interesting publication contract was with SAASTA a devision of the NRF . My brief was the portrait photography of 12 biochemistry doctors and professors in various fields within the western cape. In addition supporting images of their workspaces , laboratories, offices etc needed to be included. A really great experience meeting legends in their fields. NRF BOOK .Dr David Woods. discount designer bridesmaid dresses

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