Chanel & Ben’s Wedding (Black Marlin Simonstown)

MG 8581

This is what I really love about being a wedding photographer, meeting awesome people. Chanel and Ben are one of the nicest couples we have worked with, just down to earth good  people, and along with a splendid bunch of friends and family it has to be a winner of a day. Other than a bit of wind the day was perfect and we got to shoot at one of my now favorite locations. Here are a few photographs of the day.

I wish Ben and Chanel a wonderfull life together.

Thanks to my trusty 2nd Alex for capturing some great 2nd angle shots and for the assistance.







_MG_8018 _MG_8018-1


_MG_8131 _MG_8131-1

_MG_8131-2 _MG_8143













_MG_8547 _MG_8559








_MG_8650 _MG_8653


_MG_8914 _MG_9003




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