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Masterchef Guy Clark’s “1693” Pop Up Kitchen @ the beautiful Bellingham Estate

So you may ask yourselves what do we do this weekend, we’ve been all over nothing left to do. We’ve done all the normal stuff been to some wine pairings where there are 50 plus people, which was great, but picture Saturday or Sunday lunch in a venue that dates you back to 1693 with rolling lawns, a Dutch styled Manor house, and a cellar yes built in 1693 🙂  Take in all that Franschoek scenery whilst relaxing on the lawns or taking a walk through history. Sound good, well add to that a masterchef personally cooking for you along with his trusty assistant Samantha Nolan a well accomplished chef herself and also a Masterchef finalist on the South Africa Masterchef series.

Only 12 to 16 people are accommodated at these events, with a minimum of 12,  keeping it exclusive and intimate where new friendships and networks can be forged, or invite a group of friends to join. Meals are all in the old maturation cellar built in 1693, and you are enclosed in a wonderfully warm feeling of days gone by whilst also enjoying wine pairings of the Latest Bellingham wines the Homestead range .

Rather than me boring you have a look at the images below to see more of Bellingham.

Bellinghams Facebook page  or  Please contact them for info on the menu and dates on or call  on 0218741019 0726127127 for details and enquiries  also re Functions and Accommodation and stays.

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Cape Town CTICC-Conference Photographer-WYSTC 2015

For the first time the annual WYSE Travel Confederations conference and trade show was held in our very own Cape Town. Attended by around 350 delegates from all around the world and South Africa, all leaders in the youth travel industry worldwide, from hotels to surfing tours. One very interesting week with a great crowd of people. The week consisted of Opening keynote addresses with our minister of tourism, to seminars, workshops, meetups, cocktail evenings and the Friday night end off with a gala dinner and awards ceremony.  All in all a full and successful week.

below are a few from the four days of photography coverage I did.


IMG_0848 IMG_0856 IMG_0863 IMG_0865 IMG_0871 IMG_0874 IMG_0875 IMG_0876 IMG_0884 IMG_0891 IMG_0907 IMG_0908 IMG_0915 IMG_0975 IMG_0976 IMG_0982 IMG_0997 IMG_1029 IMG_1034 IMG_1038 IMG_1074 IMG_1085 IMG_1183 IMG_1195 IMG_1196 IMG_1197 IMG_1254 IMG_1258 IMG_1266 IMG_1270 IMG_1286 IMG_1293 IMG_1361 IMG_1365 IMG_1389 IMG_1399 IMG_1413 IMG_1440 IMG_1563 IMG_1566 IMG_1599 IMG_1610 IMG_1635 IMG_1638 IMG_1775 IMG_1781 IMG_1784 IMG_1794 IMG_1867 IMG_1868 IMG_2097 IMG_2139 IMG_2412 IMG_2416 IMG_2426 IMG_2441 IMG_2480 IMG_2481 IMG_2510 IMG_2514 IMG_2535 IMG_2860 IMG_2878 IMG_2899 IMG_2931 IMG_3050 IMG_3068 IMG_3091 IMG_3109 IMG_3123 IMG_3133 IMG_3194 IMG_3231 IMG_3241 IMG_3250 IMG_3265 IMG_3490 IMG_3511 IMG_3594 IMG_3657 IMG_3698 IMG_3719 IMG_3721 IMG_3726 IMG_3787 IMG_3804 IMG_3861 IMG_3862 IMG_3864 IMG_3895 IMG_3901 IMG_3903 IMG_3939 IMG_3962 IMG_3964 IMG_3972 IMG_3984 IMG_3994 IMG_4005 IMG_4037

Cape Town event and conference photographer. Focusing on large and small events throughout the Western Cape and South Africa.

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Club Travel – Conference-Awards-Gala Dinner

.Club Travel recently held their fun filled conference weekend , consisting of networking breakfasts, service awards and industry awards all recognising service excellence in a very tough industry in todays economic climate. This is a such a dynamic company and I thoroughly  enjoyed spending the weekend with them.  a broad selection of images is shown below


_MG_0006 _MG_0021 _MG_0022 _MG_0024 _MG_0027 _MG_0031 _MG_0038 _MG_0043 _MG_0045 _MG_0047 _MG_0052 _MG_0080 _MG_0083 _MG_0116 _MG_0117 _MG_0138 _MG_0151 _MG_0156 _MG_0209 _MG_0234 _MG_0380 _MG_0383 _MG_0387 _MG_0395 _MG_0402 _MG_0405 _MG_0423 _MG_0464 _MG_0468 _MG_0473 _MG_0479 _MG_0482 _MG_0486 _MG_0489 _MG_0505 _MG_0506 _MG_0512 _MG_0514 _MG_0519 _MG_0522 _MG_0532 _MG_0535 _MG_0536 _MG_0542 _MG_0543 _MG_0557 _MG_0566 _MG_0567 _MG_0579 _MG_0594 _MG_0604 _MG_0609 _MG_0624 _MG_0649 _MG_0653 _MG_0660 _MG_0683 _MG_9313 _MG_9314 _MG_9321 _MG_9333 _MG_9338 _MG_9347 _MG_9352 _MG_9359 _MG_9408 _MG_9422 _MG_9433 _MG_9451 _MG_9493 _MG_9507 _MG_9508 _MG_9521 _MG_9527 _MG_9559 _MG_9569 _MG_9605 _MG_9616 _MG_9628 _MG_9673 _MG_9674 _MG_9678 _MG_9704 _MG_9706 _MG_9711 _MG_9714 _MG_9727 _MG_9737 _MG_9744 _MG_9751 _MG_9777 _MG_9779 _MG_9787 _MG_9795 _MG_9802 _MG_9809 _MG_9823 _MG_9833 _MG_9841 _MG_9844 _MG_9846 _MG_9853 _MG_9858 _MG_9860 _MG_9865 _MG_9866 _MG_9868 _MG_9874 _MG_9882 _MG_9902 _MG_9920 _MG_9928 _MG_9932 _MG_9938 _MG_9945 _MG_9947 _MG_9963 _MG_9965 _MG_0004

Cape Town Event Photographer / photography

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Latest news -South Africa’s Got Talent – Etv Cape Town

This weekend is going to be a real treat, as Etv contracted me as their photographer to photograph the contestants and judges during filming of the Cape Town leg of final auditions.

On other news, quite a few blog posts to go up still, winter is catch up time .

Keep warm.




Cape Town Photographers

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Tanzania Photographic Trip – Conference

Im off to Tanzania from the 14th of September and arrive back the 20th to cover the general assembly of one of my organisations I work for in Gauteng.  Besides covering the conference and various happenings I will also be photographing portraits of key dignitaries from various African states.  Anybody who is trying to reach me in that week can email me and I shall respond soonest. 🙂

Very gratefull for such a great opportunity and always awesome to be able to work in other countries.

Hope to at least bring back some images from Dar Es Salaam in time out moments 🙂


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Conference Photography – ATAF – Photographer

Being a conference photographer makes you privy to a lot of work going on which we the public are never aware of , it makes you realise theres a lot of good work going on in organisations.  Here are  few images from the recent ATAF conference held at Crystal Towers, including an outing to the District six museum which was a very interesting spot to see.


_MG_3376 _MG_3387 _MG_3396 _MG_3405 _MG_3409 _MG_3413 _MG_3418 _MG_3419 _MG_3430 _MG_3457 _MG_3459 _MG_3540 _MG_3547 _MG_3562 _MG_3573 _MG_3581 _MG_3589 _MG_3617 _MG_3624 _MG_3639 _MG_3712 _MG_3753 _MG_3770 _MG_3801 _MG_3805 _MG_3808 _MG_3839 _MG_3840 _MG_3857 _MG_3868 _MG_3877 _MG_3894 _MG_3899 _MG_3900 _MG_3904 _MG_3915 _MG_3924 _MG_3932 _MG_3943 _MG_3956 _MG_3986 _MG_3988 _MG_3992 _MG_4005 _MG_4007 _MG_4021 _MG_4025 _MG_4027 _MG_4043 _MG_4065 _MG_4081 _MG_4105 _MG_3372

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Music Events – Maynardville Jazz Festival with Shakatak and local artists -for Bharooch Events

_MG_3605 _MG_4226 _MG_4225 _MG_4202 _MG_4196 _MG_4185 _MG_4182 _MG_4173 _MG_4165 _MG_4156 _MG_4131 _MG_4129 _MG_4127 _MG_4123 _MG_4119 _MG_4118 _MG_4117 _MG_4115 _MG_4112 _MG_4091 _MG_4087 _MG_4084 _MG_4077 _MG_4072 _MG_4070 _MG_4068 _MG_4049 _MG_4046 _MG_4009 _MG_4006 _MG_4005 _MG_3998 _MG_3994 _MG_3989 _MG_3980 _MG_3977 _MG_3971 _MG_3970 _MG_3969 _MG_3886 _MG_3874 _MG_3869 _MG_3858 _MG_3852 _MG_3846 _MG_3845 _MG_3828 _MG_3816 _MG_3812 _MG_3809 _MG_3802 _MG_3800 _MG_3796 _MG_3794 _MG_3792 _MG_3790 _MG_3788 _MG_3781 _MG_3778 _MG_3776 _MG_3759 _MG_3757 _MG_3718 _MG_3715 _MG_3713 _MG_3711 _MG_3668 _MG_3666 _MG_3664 _MG_3653 _MG_3615 _MG_3612

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Conference photographer – Pfiser event Cape Town

I recently photographed the Pfiser etanercept “conference” held at the Crystal Towers hotel . As an event photographer these conferences can be very interesting. These professors, doctors, researches and scientists dedicate their lives to bettering peoples lives suffering from various illnesses, this conference dealing with rheumatoid arthritis a particularly nasty illness.

here are a few images from the day.

_MG_0403 Pfiser conference photographer _MG_0666 _MG_0650 _MG_0638 _MG_0631 _MG_0627 _MG_0621 _MG_0605 _MG_0600 _MG_0592 _MG_0589 _MG_0571 _MG_0565 _MG_0547 _MG_0541 _MG_0539 _MG_0538 _MG_0536 _MG_0533 _MG_0503 _MG_0490 _MG_0485 _MG_0481 _MG_0475 _MG_0458 _MG_0444 Conference Photography

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Corporate Functions Photography – ABSA Client Function @ Bizerca Bistro

This was the second ABSA corporate client dinner Ive photographed at Bizerca Bistro in the old Heritage square in Cape Town, and I must say I was very keen to go there again. The food, service and atmosphere there is phenomenal , this is an award winning bistro and lives up to those accolades in every respect. Clients were entertained by various speakers from the ABSA Business banking Group.


_MG_1277 _MG_1274 _MG_1266 _MG_1265 _MG_1252 _MG_1533 _MG_1515 _MG_1476 _MG_1408 _MG_1402 _MG_1392 _MG_1372 _MG_1369 _MG_1358 _MG_1356 _MG_1329 _MG_1317 _MG_1314 _MG_1307 _MG_1297 _MG_1281