ATAF Conference and 3rd GA Tanzania

What a lovely  testimonial received after this event from Karin Smit (ATAF)

“Before we begin with the financial reconciliation and wrapping up of the 3rd ATAF General Assembly, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for being part of the team that made this event momentous. You gelled seamlessly into the highly productive, pro–active and adaptive organism that we called the ATAF Secretariat team. A team that evolved into even higher beings of perfection with each new and unexpected encounter the conference flung up. Although not one of us is irreplaceable, I am of the opinion that we would undeniably need to go to vast extremes to get such energy, devotion and dedication in one synergetic team together again – to me you are priceless and unparalleled

Thank you again for your willingness to be part of something extraordinary.”


As  a Conference photographer to me this event was such a huge success, and mostly because of the wonderfull team at  ATAF  (African Tax Administration Forum) who are truly amazing to work with. From the moment I walked in from a long days travelling at 9pm the Sunday evening I was greeted like an old friend.

Having worked with them in Cape Town earlier in the year the week in Tanzania cemented a really great working team.  This event saw the opening ceremony with the Vice President of Tanzania the Honourable Dr Mohamed Gharib Bilal and also the Minister of Finance .

Photography included photographing the ongoing event, interactions with speakers and delegates, group portraits of the old and newly elected council, and individual portraits of the council members., along with evening events and the trip to Zanzibar.




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